Subject: Re: interactive performance problems
To: Wolfgang Rupprecht <>
From: Laine Stump <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/02/2000 22:59:46
Wolfgang Rupprecht <> writes:

> > what's probably happening for you is that all of the cached pages for
> > the emacs executable are being reused in favor of the files you're
> > copying.  
> Emacs is probably a special case.  Most of the emacs pages (in any
> emacs older than a few minute) are going to be data.  I'm not sure the
> text-space-only hacks are going to change things much one way or the
> other.

Actually, isn't this going to be the case with just about any
application written in an interpreted (either from ASCII text or from
byte-code) language? The main difference in emacs is that the lisp
byte-code is stored as a part of the binary (via the weird build-time
process of loading the binary and byte code files, then generating a
coredump) whereas a generic perl/tcl/java program will be in a
separate file from the interpreter binary.