Subject: Re: UNION mounting
To: None <>
From: Geoff Wing <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/24/2000 01:35:16
Chris Pinnock <> typed:
:On Mon, Oct 23, 2000 at 05:35:46PM +0100, Chris Pinnock wrote:
:However the following works (as Bernd suggested).
:steinitz# umount -R /usr/src

That's part of the whole reason -R exists (now).  You could have
gotten yourself into a worse mess if you'd been using symbolic links
like I used to - IIRC, mount would mount on the symlink but umount
would resolve it before passing it through.

:It does worry me though that the system panicked when shutting down 
:(when the mount_union was still in place).
:Should this be pr'ed? I guess the first thing to do is upgrade to
:BETA and see what happens there.

The union fs is not stable - it's buggy and known to be (well, at least
by some of us who use it regularly) though it's quite a bit better than
it was a couple of years ago.  I have two sets of union mounts on
one machine:  one is a union mount of a RW FFS above a RO cdrom
and I have zero problems with it.  The other is a RW FFS above another
RW FFS and I have problems with that sometimes if I don't umount it
before reboot.

(Of course, I've got other issues with reboot now not unmounting cleaning
arising from some update within the last couple of weeks.)

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