Subject: hardware support glitches
To: None <>
From: Joseph Sarkes <joe@js1.jsnet>
List: current-users
Date: 10/22/2000 10:42:51
I have my trusty asus A7V athlon system here, still
being difficult.

One problem I found is that if you put a blank cd-r
disk into the cdrom drive, the system hangs, one lost
interrupt complaint, and the cdrom drive keeps spinning,
keyboard becomes unresponsive, power cycle method of
program termination. As I was running a shell script
at the time to mount cdrom, do an ls on it, and unmount/
eject it, I don't know what hung, but I think it was the
mount command. The cdrom drive is a generic 52x ide.

A second difficulty is that I have a creative PCI128 audio
card. It is recognized as an ensoniq eap0 which appears
ok initially. I can play to the /dev/audio and get noise 
out, but... the volume control stuff is not working for the
line and cd inputs (can't listen to cds on the puter). Obviously
there is something different between creative and ensoniq boards
and the driver isn't complete. The card works ok under widnows.

Kudos to the maintainer of ide drivers though, the promise ide 
controller on the motherboard works great under netbsd, and is
not recognized by linux :) (suse 7.0) Since the asus board is
so nice, I expect this to be fixed real soon though. It is pretty
neat that you can connect 4 ide devices to the udma/66 ports and
another 4 devices to the udma/100 promise ports without needing
an expansion card. Yes, /66 devices work on the promise ports also.
There is still the silo overflow troubles with the serial port to
figure out somehow, my solution being to connect my usr modem via
the usb port vice serial. As long as I don't plug anything else
into the usb ports I'm fine, but the via usb stuff needs driver 
work also. Not having any isa card slots means that the A7V
board needs the chipset support fixed for usb and pci/legacy
stuff to work reliably.

I can help test stuff that is being fixed, if needed. If further
info is needed about the above, drop me a line.

Joseph Sarkes