Subject: Re: macppc -current snapshot CORRECTION
To:, Hans-Christian Becker <>
From: Henry B. Hotz <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/20/2000 16:27:50
Thanks for the more recent snapshot.  Thanks for the ls-lR file! 
(This is -current like you said, not 1.5alpha, right?  Or are they 
still the same right now?)

Comparing the ls-lR file with the links there are missing links for: 
the four checksum files in the binary/kernel directory, the 
binary/sets/xmisc.tgz file, and the installation/boot.fs file.

My web browser did something to the two gzipped kernel files, but 
kern.tgz is OK.  An FTP connection would be better for this sort of 
thing, and I'm sure I can do something to fix the problem.

>At 12:02 PM -0400 10/20/00, Michael Wolfson wrote:
>>At 5:40 PM +0200 10/20/00, Hans-Christian Becker wrote:
>>:)I have put up a snapshot of -current for macppc at
>>:)This is a build using sources from October 19--20.
>>Is there any reason I shouldn't move this to and the mirrors?
>Yes, please.  It's taking forever to download directly. 
>has a connection that's at least 10 times faster.

Network weirdness:  I got about 39K/sec downloading a single file. 
Two at once I got about 36K/sec.  4-5 at once I got 28K/sec.  I guess 
that says how many tcp streams I was sharing the slowest pipe with? 
I sure wish I could do this over a modem to home though. |-\

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