Subject: IBM PC Camera
To: None <>
From: John Franklin <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/20/2000 13:56:05
I've got a USB webcam (specifically the IBM PC Camera[1]) that NetBSD-
current[2] identifies as:

	ugen0 at uhub0 port 2
	ugen0: vendor 0x0545 USB IMAGING DEVICE, rev 1.01/3.0a, addr 2

I've been trying to find a program that can read the video stream
or snag snapshots from it, all without luck.  I've tried cqcam, but
it doesn't support USB, I've tried vid[3], but it doesn't
recognize the device.  I've also searched through pkgsrc, but
(aside from cqcam) I've only found programs for digital cameras
that store pictures in themselves.

I've generated the ugen0.?? device nodes, and I can get descriptors
for it, but I can't seem to get anything out of it.  I've seen it work under
Linux with XawTV[4], but it requires video4linux, which (not surprisingly)
doesn't exist under NetBSD.

I've seen references to people trying to get webcams working in the
ML archives, but they never list a specific program they're using.
I have seen a patch mentioned for isochronous support, but it's already
in NetBSD-current.

What program should I be using to capture info from this device?
Is there some kernel support that it's going to require that's 


[2] NetBSD riff 1.5H NetBSD 1.5H (RIFF) #0: Mon Oct 16 16:08:01 EDT 2000     franklin@riff:/usr/src/sys/arch/i386/compile/RIFF i386
John Franklin
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