Subject: usb device problems
To: None <>
From: Joseph Sarkes <joe@js1.jsnet>
List: current-users
Date: 10/18/2000 23:58:18
I have a couple usb thingies I'm playing with on my
asus A7V athlon motherboard with built in usb ports.

basically my problem is that when I plug in a logitech
remote keyboard/mouse pair of usb plugs and then plug
in my usr 56K voice fax modem usb connector, the usb
probing stuff goes into a loop and finally panics the
machine. In addition, when I power cycle the  modem, 
the whole usb chain of hubs seems to go through a whole
shutdown/reset instead of just the one affected port.

Do I have some misunderstanding of what I should be seeing?
Is something still in progress on usb support?
Will batman get out of this predicament? Tune in again
folks, same bat time, same bat channel.

BTW, my reason for playing with usb on the modem is that
my moving hard drives around didn't actually fix the silo
overflow problem I'm having with the serial port/modem
combo. I figured that usb would potentially bypass the whole
thing, but...

another question related to this is how does one make the
usb keyboard/mouse stuff take over for the ps/2 style keyboard
mouse under netbsd? The bios sees the usb keyboard if the
ps/2 one is unplugged, but then the machine won't work for
console logins until a ps/2 keyboard is plugged in after the
boot process is finished. I did manage to wsconscfg -k the 
second keyboard into operation afterwards.

Joseph Sarkes