Subject: Cardbus removal and system hang....
To: '' <>
From: Ryan Hurst <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/18/2000 19:25:11
    I just received a new notebook; its a IBM ThinkPad T20. For the most
part things are going well NetBSD and XFree86 support all of the hardware
(minus the winmodem). But I have run into a problem with the cardbus network
card it came with; it is a 3CXFE575CT. 

The card itself works fine, but if I remove the card the system hangs with
the message:

   ex0: adapter failure (ffff)

This is not a big deal, like my doctor says if it hurts you probablly should
not do it ;) but I would like to get it working. Does any on have ideas?

A couple things to note:
   1. I had to set RBUS_MIN_START=0x20000000 to get both cardbus and PCMCIA
to work
   2. I get a error in my dmesg that says:
        cbb0: Bad Vcc request, sock_ctrl 0x30, sock_status 0x30000b20

Sugestions are appriciated!