Subject: Re: Kernel panic i386 with tulip.c(rev=1.76) and tlp Cardbus
To: Masanori Kanaoka <>
From: enami tsugutomo <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/11/2000 14:42:44
Masanori Kanaoka <> writes:

> I update my kernel.It panic below(copy by hand) with tlp cardbus card.
> tulip.c (rev=1.75) with tlp cardbus works fine for me.

# As subject says, it should be 1.76.

Sorry, this is a bug I've introduced in rev. 1.76 of tulip.c and
rev. 1.39 of tulipvar.h.  And it is fixed rev. 1.77 and rev.1.40