Subject: IPv6 nd6_lookup: failed to add route...
To: None <>
From: Secret Asian Man <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/05/2000 01:35:25
Running 1.5G on a Sparc 5, with a single gif tunnel to my 6bone peer. Since I ave only one connection, I'm running with a static route, i.e.

route add -inet6 default 3ffe:a00:2:2::38

And it seems to work, I can ping6 the remote end and other sites, but I see a strange message in my syslog:

nd6_lookup: failed to add route for a neighbor(3ffe:0a00:0002:0002::0038), errno=17


VERIO (3ffe:a00:2:2::38)
(IPv6 in IPv4 tunnel)



Christopher Kyin-hwa Chen <>
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