Subject: Re: gif interfaces
To: None <>
From: John Hawkinson <jhawk@MIT.EDU>
List: current-users
Date: 10/02/2000 02:12:41
In message <>, Jason R Thorpe writes
>On Sat, Sep 30, 2000 at 12:16:51PM -0400, John Hawkinson wrote:
> > | 	  you need "ifconfig gif0 create" first.  gif(4) is updated to that.
> > 
> > But CHANGES.prev is not. Jason?
>Guess I forgot.  But that file isn't exactly definitive documentation,

By no means. But it's as close as we come to "known gotchas that
you should be aware of when upgrading," other than the release notes,
whose list of changes should be a proper subset of CHANGES.prev.

Would you please update it?