Subject: RE: High Point HTP370 IDE Help
To: The Hursts <>
From: Kazushi (Jam) Marukawa <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/01/2000 16:22:04
   On Oct 1, 13:06, "The Hursts" wrote:
   > Subject: RE: High Point HTP370 IDE Help
   > I don't suppose any one knows if ATA/100 support is imminent, or if
   > when it comes available if I use the ATA/100 disks as ATA/66 disks
   > if I will have to do anything other than update the driver?
   > I vaguely remember something about if I used ATA/33 drives as ATA/66
   > drives to switch to ATA/66 I would have to backup, reformat and
   > re-install. Is this the case?

No.  We never need to backup and format when we switch an
ATA/66 drive from ATA/33 channel to ATA/66 channel, I think.
Because I never did.  :-)

On the other hand, the ATA/100 has one minor problem we
haven't experienced under ATA/66.  We need two ATA/100
drives to use single ATA/100 with two drives.  In other
words, if we connect an ATA/100 drive and an ATA/66 drive to
ATA/100 channel, both works as ATA/66.  What we can use as
ATA/100 is single ATA/100 drive or a set of two ATA/100

Moreover, I experienced ATA/100 benefits under Windows 98.
So, I appreciate if we can support it.  Actually, transfer
speed to/from two DTLA array is boosted when I started using
FastTrak 100 instead of FastTrak 66.  This is a real
benefit.  On the other hand, I experienced the combination
of FastTrak 66 and Maxtor Max60 is slow than the other
combination of Apollo 133A and Max60.  When I installed
FastTrak 100 and updated Max60 to support ATA/100, it become
faster than the other.  This is not a real benefit from
ATA/100, but it is still good for me.  ;-)

-- Kazushi