Subject: Re: Wireless ethernet advise requested....
To: None <>
From: Brad Spencer <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/01/2000 15:47:17
   On Sun, Oct 01, 2000 at 11:32:12AM -0400, John Hawkinson wrote:
   > Ah.
   > I hadn't thought about this [or rather, I had, but I had assumed it
   > would Just Work (tm)]; I suppose you've tested it and it doesn't work?
   > Thinking about it, I guess the problem is that both want to be in seperate
   > BSSes, and there's no way to make one join another BSS. Of course,
   > this is just a software issue, which makes "glaring omission" seems
   > a reasonable statement.
   > "Sigh".
   > On the other hand, the number of cases where you want to do this are
   > relatively limitted...

   And you can do something similar with NetBSD boxes :)

   Manuel Bouyer <>

In some sense, but I don't think that NetBSD will act as a bridge.  It
will route, of course, but in my case, I would rather not have to subnet
because I don't really have enough IP address space to do that.

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