Subject: Re: Wireless ethernet advise requested....
To: None <>
From: Brad Spencer <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/01/2000 13:13:07
   Brad Spencer writes:
   > However, when reading about access points, they seem to advertise
   > themselves as bridges.  Is this term the same as on wired LANs??  Further,

   Yes, they are a "store and forward bridge" that is capable of bridging
   between wireless and wired networks _and_ wireless end station to wireless
   end station. (to effectively double the range)

I presume that some are able to do both wireless end station to wireless
end station *and* "notebook computer" to wireless end station if you have
one that has two cards.


   > Are there access points that act on the ethernet frame level, more like
   > repeaters, or act more like a passive bridge, moving packets from one side
   > to the other without really getting involved itself??

   Well it is a smart bridge, a layer 2 device that learns which side has
   which MAC address rather than blinding duplicating every packet between
   bridge ports.

Thanks... this is what I was hoping for...



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