Subject: High Point HTP370 IDE Help
To: None <>
From: The Hursts <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/30/2000 20:30:50
Hello I am thinking of building a SMP capable machine in anticipation of the
SMP being available in NetBSD.

The motherboard I am thinking of getting is the Abit VP6
(, but I am
concerned about the support of its IDE controller the High Point HTP370
( I was wondering if some one
could give me insight into any support issues I am going to have. I am sure
there is no specific support for it at this time but is it supported at all?
If any one could answer the following questions I would appreciate it:

		1. Will ATA/33 work?
		2. Will ATA/66 work?
		3. Will ATA/100 work?
		4. Will the raid work?