Subject: Re: Wireless ethernet advise requested....
To: Ted Lemon <>
From: John Hawkinson <jhawk@MIT.EDU>
List: current-users
Date: 09/30/2000 12:19:31
| I'm using an Apple Airport bridge, and it will act either as a bridge
| or as a NAT router.   Unfortunately, it will not act as a non-NAT
| router.   It will do DHCP, or not - it's configurable.

| The main two problems with it are: 40-bit card

You can open it up and replace the card with a Lucent Gold card.
Most people seem to think that WEP is useless enough that 128-bit
encryption isn't appreciably more secure than 40-bit encryption.

| and won't bridge air-to-air.

I don't think this is really a fair criticism -- I don't think any
other access points that have only 1 slot will do this either...

| Also, it's easiest to configure if you have a Mac running MacOS,
| although it's configured through SNMP, and I'm told that there is a
| Java SNMP toy that will configure it (but I haven't tried it).

Yes, there is, and it works just fine, modulo display bugs that may
require you to make the window bigger than you would otherwise think.