Subject: Re: LFS partition limitations
To: Manuel Bouyer <>
From: Tracy J. Di Marco White <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/30/2000 10:37:59
}> I'm trying to newfs_lfs an 85GB partition, and I get an error about
}> cannot write multiple summary blocks.  Is there a size limit on LFS
}> partitions, or am I missing something completely?  (This is the
}> first time I've really played with one.)
}there shouldn't be any, but there may be a few integer overflow around.
}I'm using a LFS on a 8G partition.
}Could you post the exact messages ?

Things I didn't say... I'm using 1.5ALPHA2, on i386.

% newfs_lfs -m 0 raid0d
87508.0MB in 87508 segments of size 1048576
Using 1 single indirect block(s) for inode 1
newfs_lfs: Multiple summary blocks in segment 1 not yet implemented
summary is 784 bytes.

Tracy J. Di Marco White
Project Vincent Systems Manager