Subject: Wireless ethernet advise requested....
To: None <>
From: Brad Spencer <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/28/2000 23:20:53

I am think about putting together a small wireless ethernet infrastructure
at home.  There will 3 or so wireless PCMCIA cards attached to what I hope
is a single access point.

However, when reading about access points, they seem to advertise
themselves as bridges.  Is this term the same as on wired LANs??  Further,
a lot of them seem to imply that the occupy an IP address of their own on
the wired LAN they are connected to.  I would rather not have to give up
one of my very few IP addresses to such a device, if I could help it.  I
only have a 4 bits of address space, and there are not a lot to go around.

Are there access points that act on the ethernet frame level, more like
repeaters, or act more like a passive bridge, moving packets from one side
to the other without really getting involved itself??

Or am I confused??  Any advise or examples would be welcome....


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