Subject: RE: coldfire port of NetBSD?
To: NetBSD Current-Users <>
From: Gregg C Levine <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/24/2000 22:13:24
Hello from Gregg C Levine usually with Jedi Knight Computers
In my opinion you guessed correctly. That beast is indeed an M68020 member
specie processor. I can not remember its status, as far as being built, or not.
The AMD7990 chip is not being built however.
Gregg C Levine
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> Subject: Re: coldfire port of NetBSD?
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> >> I'm pretty sure that Cisco 25xx routers have 20MHz 68030's in them,
> >> not Coldfire's.
> >
> > have you actually opened one up and read the part number off the CPU?
> Just for kicks, I've opened the IGS I have (and which I never sued because
> it's too loud). The onlyu thing that looks like a CPU is a Motorola
> MC6802 0RC16E 1C10H QEAP9117 chip manufactured in malaysia.
> I guess that's a 68020?
> There's also a AMD 7990 ethernet chip on it...
>  - Hubert