Subject: Re: Inferno under Linux emulation
To: Brian Gregor <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/21/2000 21:17:07
On Thu, 21 Sep 2000, Brian Gregor wrote:

> it runs under Linux emulation.  I'm running 1.5_ALPHA2. To do this I did:
> 	mkdir /emul/linux/usr/local/tmp
> unzipped the inferno.tgz & Linux.tgz files into that directory.
> 	mkdir /emul/linux/usr/local/inferno
> I made an inferno user and an inf group as suggested.  I then
> ran the install script with  /emul/linux/usr/local/inferno as the
> root dir.  I've tried some of the stuff in the README.html
> file, and so far so good.  Have fun!

This wasn't successful for me. I am using NetBSD 1.4.2. (I guess I'll need
to upgrade my system and try again.)

$ /emul/linux/usr/local/tmp/install/ /emul/linux/usr/local/inferno
Inferno Third Edition (21 Jul 2000) main (pid=14314) compile
Bad system call - core dumped

The core dump doesn't help me much:

Program terminated with signal 12, Bad system call.
#0  0x806aa7c in error ()
(gdb) where
#0  0x806aa7c in error ()
#1  0x80ce5fa in sync ()
#2  0x805478c in calloc ()
#3  0x804bbc8 in calloc ()
#4  0x806243d in calloc ()
#5  0x806afa4 in error ()
#6  0x80623db in calloc ()
#7  0x481d8313 in ?? ()

I made my /emul/linux/usr/local/inferno owned by inferno.inf

My linux emulation is:
suse_base-6.3       Linux compatibility package
suse_compat-6.3     Linux compatibility package with old shared libraries
suse_libc5-6.3      Linux compatibility package for libc5 binaries
suse_x11-6.3        Linux compatibility package for X11 binaries
suse_xforms-6.3     Linux compatibility package for xforms binaries
suse_linux-6.3      Linux compatibility package collection

Hopefully, I can get this going. I'd really like to try out the "charon"
web browser which has ECMAScript/Javascript 1.1 support.

(I have also posted to comp.os.inferno for help.)

   Jeremy C. Reed