Subject: CF on NetBSD
To: None <>
From: Peter Seebach <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/21/2000 20:33:37
As many of you are aware, I've been trying for about a year and a half now
to use CF cards with my -current laptop.

My problems were:
	* SanDisk ImageMate (SDDR-05-01):  No drivers, no support, SanDisk
	  just slapped a label on it and couldn't tell me anything due to an
	* CF<->PCMCIA adapter:  Semi-reliable hangs trying to access disks,
	  using CardBus, or not even powering up the card, using PCMCIA.

Anyway, I haven't tested the PCMCIA stuff recently.  But I got a new SanDisk
ImageMate, and it works fine.  The new one is model SDDR-31, and they seem
to sell them at Target, Best Buy, and many online stores.  Beware; Target
in my area has the -31 on display, but only had the -05 in stock.

The -05 has a pair of LED's, and is sort of hump shaped.  The -31 is much
thinner, and only has one LED.  The -05 has an eject button; the -31 doesn't.

Hope this is useful to someone.