Subject: anoncvs problems?
To: None <>
From: Joseph Sarkes <joe@js1.jsnet>
List: current-users
Date: 09/11/2000 15:54:51
I am having trouble with doing a cvs update on the anoncvs
server. This has been working fine for months, and all of a
sudden (starting sept 9, last successful update on sept 7)
I am getting weird responses instead of an update:

I haven't tried the src/pkgsrc/xsrc directories, as I am afraid that something
might go wrong as above for the doc directory, and they are so much larger to
fix afterwards. 

What do the messages below mean?

Sat Sep  9 22:07:23 EDT 2000
cvs update -dP doc 
cvs server: Updating doc
cvs update: move away doc/3RDPARTY; it is in the way
cvs update: move away doc/CHANGES; it is in the way
cvs update: move away doc/CHANGES.prev; it is in the way
C doc/CHANGES.prev
cvs update: move away doc/HACKS; it is in the way
cvs update: move away doc/LAST_MINUTE; it is in the way
cvs update: move away doc/MIRRORS; it is in the way
cvs update: move away doc/README.files; it is in the way
C doc/README.files
cvs update: move away doc/README.patchrel; it is in the way
C doc/README.patchrel
cvs update: move away doc/README.sup; it is in the way
C doc/README.sup
cvs update: move away doc/TODO; it is in the way
C doc/TODO
cvs update: move away doc/pkg-CHANGES; it is in the way
C doc/pkg-CHANGES
cvs server: Updating doc/i386
cvs server: Updating doc/pmax
cvs server: Updating doc/style
cvs server: Updating doc/sun3 Connection refused
cvs [update aborted]: end of file from server (consult above messages if any)