Subject: Re: README: kernel pty struct allocation change
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From: Matt Thomas <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/10/2000 14:56:31
At 01:26 PM 9/10/2000 +0200, Jarom=EDr Dole=E8ek wrote:
>Andrew Gillham wrote:
> > What is the upper limit on this value?  How many ptys can be expected
> > to work correctly considering the kernel memory and /dev filenames?
> > Looking at MAKEDEV (on i386) it appears that only 240 can be addressed?
>The maximum value is kern.maxptys. It's 512 by default at this time. I will
>lower this to 256 since that seems to be the limit enforced by
>current naming scheme in /dev/.

An array of struct pt_softc is just wrong.  Instead, you should switch to an
array of pt_softc * and change the pty driver to malloc/free pt_softc on

I've done this is a previous life and it works really well.
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