Subject: Re: spam to my list address
To: Andrew Brown <>
From: Chris G. Demetriou <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/09/2000 16:05:39
Andrew Brown <> writes:
> >even if 'who' was completely disabled, there are other ways to get all
> >or most e-mail addresses subscribed to the lists.
> granted, but it will keep the casually perusing spamfarmer out.
> >Of course, you can shut them down to some degree, but if you do so
> >completely you'd actually lose very useful functionality.
> so?

As I said, it's an exercise for the reader.  However, I suspect that
anybody with the clue to use 'who' can use this mechanism (it's just
as easy).

> >I'll leave discovery of the mechanism(s) as an exercise for the
> >reader.  8-)
> does mnews-netbsd-tech-security ring a bell, chris?  :)

Uh, we gateway the NetBSD lists (and some others) to local newsgroups,
and nobody outside the company can get at them.  We do this because
NetBSD doesn't provide any sort of news gateway itself.

It's much easier to read the lists via news than mail.

We don't actually provide any mechanism by which posts go back to the
lists, though, so replies have to be done ... carefully,