Subject: Re: IPv6 Comment
To: Ken Hornstein <>
From: Alex Barclay <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/04/2000 18:19:11
On Sun, 3 Sep 2000, Ken Hornstein wrote:

> >Renumbering is clearly a touted benefit of IPv6 vs IPv4, and it is
> >touted by exactly the same set of people you see downplaying the
> >ease of renumbering of IPv6 on the IETF list, viz. then-members
> >and current members of the IAB.
> I'm sorry, I read all of that stuff before, and I simply don't
> come to the same conclusion.

I came to the original conculsion that renumbering would be easier. In the
last couple of years this seems to have been downplayed significantly.

Thinking about it I feel there are two reasons. Firstly it's a damn hard
problem. Secondly the ipng folks tend to be equipment vendors or network
operators; equipment vendors don't care directly about renumbering so long
as they shift boxes; network operators don't need renumbering as it would
allow end users to change isp's more easily, I could even think that there
was a conspiracy here :-) At the end of the day I think that IPv6 gives
many advantages, including the sorely needed address space. I hope to see
the renumbering issue dealt with later and am not too disappointed that it
hasn't happened yet (especially given my contract for t1 service is for
multiple years).