Subject: Re: IPv6 Comment
To: None <>
From: Ken Hornstein <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/03/2000 22:29:10
Okay, my _last_ email on this topic.

>| I've seen the same IPv6 "discussion" on the ietf mailing list that
>| you've been in the middle of ... and I know that no one there ever said
>| that "renumbering easily" was a benefit of IPv6.  
>To quote from draft-iab-case-for-ipv6-06.txt, with the _IAB_'s imprimatur,
>which I imagine you can find easily enough in your favourite I-D archive:
>and so forth ( 1.3.7, 1.3.9, 2.12 ... ...).  
>Renumbering is clearly a touted benefit of IPv6 vs IPv4, and it is
>touted by exactly the same set of people you see downplaying the
>ease of renumbering of IPv6 on the IETF list, viz. then-members
>and current members of the IAB.

I'm sorry, I read all of that stuff before, and I simply don't
come to the same conclusion.

Note that they say things like, "... significantly more expensive and
difficult compared with IPv6's site renumbering ...", and "IPv6's eased
renumbering capability".

It's _easier_.  That's what I (and many others) have said; they've
given you some new tools to deal with renumbering.  That is cool.
But NOWHERE does it say that if you plug into a new upstream
provider, IPv6 does all of the work for you ... only you are saying
that.  There are very clearly some other things that need to be done
as part of a renumbering (one example: changing DNS around).

>Note that the "Myth #9" was not in several previous drafts, yet
>still starts off with "IPv6 has gone a long way to enable more
>convenient renumbering".  Also note that the observations in that
>myth are directly applicable to renumbering using NAT.

I'm sorry, again, this doesn't follow.  I don't see how having two
simultaneous addresses and switching over to using the new set
gradually (presuming both are externally visible for some time)
really has anything to do with NAT!  And note that they said, "more
convenient renumbering" - it doesn't say, "convenient renumbering".

>| Plenty of people smarter than I have said this before to you.  I could
>| believe that some IPv6 evangelists might have said something like
>| "renumbering is easier with IPv6" at one time, but either they
>| misunderstood things or you misinterpreted their statements. 
>Please go explain this to the IAB, then!

They already understand this; it's you who is refusing to listen.