Subject: Re: parallel port ECP - USB!
To: Brian Gregor <>
From: Chris Tribo <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/01/2000 13:48:52
On Fri, 1 Sep 2000, Brian Gregor wrote:

> > Could you mail in the brand and model number of that device? While it has
> > been recognized as a generic ulpt, it would be nice to get that vendor/product
> > id in the appropriate tables.
> yes, it's a Belkin USB->Centronics adaptor, model number F5U002.
> Cost about $45 at Staples. The box claims it works with almost
> any parallel or IEEE1284 printer.

	While it says Belkin on the outside, It's really a Lucent chipset
in the device. I can grab the info SystemProfiler gives me on my PowerMac
at some point if that's useful. In either case, any info is still more
useful than device number and function number :)

	Well the compatibility of the converter is more related to the
driver software. On Win/MacOS that would equate to about any PCL Parallel
printer. On NetBSD with Ghostscript, that should be about any printer ever
	I have one of these converters on my Mac. Which I now
cannot use beacuse the drivers that came with it were Beta, the
company that wrote them has since been bought out by another company 
( and the Chooser Driver software is incompatible with
MacOS 8.6-9.x. *sigh* Should have spent the extra $$ to get the PowerPrint
USB->Parallel adapter since it's compatible with 9.x and it does PCL and