Subject: Re: NetBSD CVS Tree
To: Mike Pelley <>
From: Feico Dillema <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/31/2000 13:56:50
On Wed, Aug 30, 2000 at 11:16:52AM -0400, Mike Pelley wrote:
> delete the sys subdirectory and update, which I thought would recreate the
> sys tree.  We run a basic cvs repository for our own projects at work and I
> thought I had a grasp on this stuff  ;o)
> It seems like a collection of modules or something, but I'm not quite sure.

Our modules file looks like below (at Should
be very similar at I'd think.


gnusrc                                  gnusrc
cryptosrc-intl                          cryptosrc-intl
sharesrc                                sharesrc
syssrc                                  syssrc
basesrc                                 basesrc
othersrc                                othersrc
pkgsrc                                  pkgsrc
xsrc                                    xsrc

# basesrc components of the public 'src' sets
_basesrc-cmp    -d src                  basesrc

# gnusrc components of the public 'src' sets
_gnusrc-cmp     -d src/gnu              gnusrc/gnu

# sharesrc components of the public 'src' sets
_sharesrc-cmp   -d src/share            sharesrc/share

# syssrc components of the public 'src' sets
_syssrc-cmp1    -d src/sys              syssrc/sys
_syssrc-cmp2    -d src/usr.sbin/config  syssrc/usr.sbin/config
_syssrc-cmp3    -d src/usr.sbin/dbsym   syssrc/usr.sbin/dbsym
_syssrc-cmp     -a                      _syssrc-cmp1 _syssrc-cmp2 _syssrc-cmp3

# cryptosrc-intl components of the public 'src' sets
_cryptosrc-intl-cmp -d src/crypto-intl  cryptosrc-intl/crypto-intl

# src tree without any crypto sources
src-nocrypto    -a                      _basesrc-cmp _gnusrc-cmp \
                                        _sharesrc-cmp _syssrc-cmp
src             -a			 src-nocrypto
# src tree with international (non-us) crypto sources
src-crypto-intl -a		        _basesrc-cmp _gnusrc-cmp \
                                        _sharesrc-cmp  _syssrc-cmp   \