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From: Mason Loring Bliss <>
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Date: 08/30/2000 22:27:08
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The critical details I forgot to mention before:

1) The other OS the laptop's running is Windows NT 4, SP5.

2) The boot selector was told to default to NT after five seconds.

3) After five seconds, NT boots normally.
This all leads me to believe that the boot selector is there and
doing its thing, but simply not presenting any sort of interface.=20

Sorry for the omission...

On Wed, Aug 30, 2000 at 07:27:37PM -0400, Mason Loring Bliss wrote:

> I just installed the NetBSD i386/1.5_ALPHA2 snapshot on a spare partition
> on my laptop, and the boot selector seems not to have done anything.
> I can boot from a floppy and say "boot wd0a:netbsd" and it works, but
> on booting I don't see anything useful happening. There is one point at
> which I see naught but a cursor in the top left position, and it seems
> that if I hit "escape" there it'll wait around. Maybe this is a boot
> menu that's for some reason not displaying?
> FWIW, this is a Compaq Armada.
> Can someone point me to documentation for what we're using as a boot
> selector? Is this osbs? In any event, is there a way I can play with it
> from the NetBSD side?
> Thanks in advance!
> (I'm setting this up for use at SANS. Any NetBSD folk gonna be there?)
> --=20
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