Subject: Getting crypto...
To: Current NetBSD users <>
From: Grey Wolf <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/30/2000 13:28:45
Greetings/Dia a dhuit/G'day/Bonjour/Guten tag/Ook/Plugh.

Rebuilding a kernel for 1.5 on my SPARC/32 reflects that
../../../../crypto/des/* don't exist.

I do a cvs co -c, and it shows that we are still entertaining a
cryptosrc-us; am I remembering differently, or did we not get rid
of cryptosrc-us in favour of a centralized cryptosrc?

/me is quite confused at this point as I am on 1.4[XYZ] trying
to upgrade to 1.5 via the build method.  I'm following the directions
in the /usr/src/UPDATING file, but I can't build a kernel because
it's got the IPv6 and IPSec stuff in it but can't find it in my

I'm going to co cryptosrc-us and see if this helps the cause; cvs update
failed to update everything, evidently.

I wonder if it's just a pathname thing...


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