Subject: Re: Linksys LNE100TX Ethernet card support ?
To: Brian Stark <>
From: Dwight Tuinstra <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/25/2000 11:14:22
Brian Stark wrote:
> I posted a message a few weeks ago to current-users to see if anyone has
> been working on a driver for the Linksys LNE100TX Ethernet card, but I
> never got a response and thought I'd follow up again...

Brian ---

I can't give you technical help (I don't know enough), but take 
this email as moral support.  I bought a 5-pack of LNE100TXs to
use at home and in the lab, where I've been running mostly FreeBSD.  
Now that I'm moving boxes over to NetBSD, I'm out of luck ... it's 
back to some of the 10baseT cards lying around.  Since the campus 
is on a T3, there's a lot of bandwidth we're not tapping into.

Let me know if you (or anyone else) gets working code; I'll be 
happy to test.

  --Dwight Tuinstra