Subject: GUI package admin tool
To: None <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/21/2000 19:16:05
I am working on a package admin tool in perl/tk.

> My plan is to write a tool for adding, removing and configuring NetBSD
> software packages. Also, display all installed packages and package
> dependencies -- and be able to check dependencies. And display package
> descriptions. The tool should be able to build packages from the pkgsrc
> tree or install from precompiled binary form (download or local).

I need some advice: what would be a good way to build a list of available
packages? Some ideas I have:

- check if some config datafile is within fifteen days old; if it is older
then use uname -mr and grab list of all binary packages (i.e. and parse it to build
datafile of available software

- build list of package names from /usr/pkgsrc/*/*

- build list from CD (which I have not done or looked for so I don't know
exact format)

The old and non-working tkpkg (from FreeBSD) uses
 pkg_info -I -c [glob -nocomplain *.{tgz,tar.z,tar.gz,tar.Z}]
I can't figure out from the script where it is looking for the files.

I also read the manpage but I can't figure out the proper usage for -I
-c. (Any examples/explanations?)

By the way, here is an image of my start:

If there is a more appropriate mailing list, please let me know.


   Jeremy C. Reed