Subject: Re: "airport"-friendly wireless networking?
To: None <>
From: Peter Seebach <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/20/2000 14:35:06
In message <>, Gopi D Flaherty writes:
>Excerpts from mail: 20-Aug-100 "airport"-friendly wireless.. by Peter
>> Do we support any wireless cards that will actually talk to a Mac running
>> MacOS using an "airport" card?  I am currently using the (incompatible)
>> Aviator cards, and I'm looking at alternatives since it looks like an
>> Airport powerbook may be coming my way.

>Apple's cards are very slightly customized / OEM'ed Lucent 802.11 cards.
>They can inter-operate with the standard Lucent 2.4GHz cards.  In fact,
>the AirPort base station contains a retail Lucent Silver Turbo card
>(inside a very cool looking case).


>The Lucent cards are supported by the wi driver, and I believe other
>802.11 cards are also supported.

Does anyone have a good source for them?  I've heard bad things about pricing.

>Note that I have been told there may be some interoperability issues
>with 802.11 devices. The standard is complex, and apparently not all
>devices nicely talk to each other.  I have not experienced this, but
>network design people at Carnegie Mellon have told me this.

The main thing I've been told is that some are "frequency hopping" and some
are "digital spread spectrum".  The Aviator cards, for instance, are the
former, and the Lucent cards are the latter.