Subject: Re: "airport"-friendly wireless networking?
To: None <>
From: Gopi D Flaherty <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/20/2000 15:30:37
Excerpts from mail: 20-Aug-100 "airport"-friendly wireless.. by Peter
> Do we support any wireless cards that will actually talk to a Mac running
> MacOS using an "airport" card?  I am currently using the (incompatible)
> Aviator cards, and I'm looking at alternatives since it looks like an
> Airport powerbook may be coming my way.

Apple's cards are very slightly customized / OEM'ed Lucent 802.11 cards.
They can inter-operate with the standard Lucent 2.4GHz cards.  In fact,
the AirPort base station contains a retail Lucent Silver Turbo card
(inside a very cool looking case).

The Lucent cards are supported by the wi driver, and I believe other
802.11 cards are also supported.

Note that I have been told there may be some interoperability issues
with 802.11 devices. The standard is complex, and apparently not all
devices nicely talk to each other.  I have not experienced this, but
network design people at Carnegie Mellon have told me this.


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