Subject: Re: inet aliases and routed
To: None <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/16/2000 23:27:17
>>You need a route via the loopback to make this work.  This should be
>>added automatically if you use /etc/ifaliases.  I believe 'ifconfig' adds
>>this automatically when you add the "primary" address.
>>(e.g. my machine has a route via loopback for it's primary ethernet's
>>ip address)
>>'route add $alias'
>	basically, BSD code does not really expect to have multiple interface
>	addresses from the same prefix (for example, and
>  there are many assumption made about it, including
>	in_ifinit().  as it is critical requirement for IPv6, KAME team is
>	trying to cook up better code (it is not yet merged into *BSD).
>	we will need to bring it back to IPv4 too, it seems.

it struck me at one point that the only thing needed (and perhaps i'm
way over-simplifying this) is for ip_output() to do the same checks
that ip_input() does in looking for local addresses.

if that was done...all this would be moot because we wouldn't need to
add loopback routes for all non-loopback addresses, whatever flavor
they may be.

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