Subject: Re: Postfix
To: Mike Stone <>
From: Pete Naylor <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/15/2000 14:27:08
Mike Stone wrote...

> > Or perhaps they just like the software because it does what they want
> > it to do in the manner that they prefer.  The software might also no
> > longer be "beta" or "experimental".  That doesn't seem to have
> > occurred to you and others with the holier-than-thou "you will like
> > postfix, because I do, and because I've misinterpretted some theory or
> > other" attitude.
> this has stopped being a technical discussion of NetBSD's default MTA and
> has turned into name-calling. 

Not in my opinion.  I've made observations about what I believe can be the
only motivation and the thinking behind this mistake - nothing more.

>  the latter is not appropriate to a
> technical list.   please take it somewhere else.

Please suggest a better forum.  I assumed that current-users would be the
best place to discuss the applicability of a recent change to the included
tools and get the attention of the unknown-to-me people who are
responsible for this error.  It has rapidly become apparent that few
current users knew about this change, and there are serious concerns about
its validity from more than one.

Pete Naylor