Subject: Re: 1.5_ALPHA and shared libraries (esp. XFree86 4.0)
To: Richard Rauch <rauch@eecs.ukans.edud>
From: Sean Doran <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/11/2000 23:41:44
Richard Rauch <rauch@eecs.ukans.edud> writes:

> (I guess that I shouldn't be surprised, but I really
> expected at least GLU.)  (Hm.  I suppose that I can lift the GLU/glut out
> of Mesa-glx.)

If you do this successfully, and can actually run things
like run pkgsrc/games/battalion or the GLX modes in
pkgsrc/x11/xlockmore, can you please pkgify whatever you
did? -:)

I am living dangerously & recently began tracking the
XFree86 CVS repository and am quite happy, but for the
fact that Mesa-glx + battalion causes the X server to crash.

(I haven't spent much time figuring out why yet; it worked
just fine with the 4.0.1 distribution; on the other hand
there has been alot of very recent work on GL in XFree86's
version of -current).

Incidentally I am very happy with the latest XFree86
stuff; I can by some strange miracle manage quite
watchable very-high-density modes on a (restored) monitor which
claims not to support _anything_ higher than 1280*1024@75 Hz...

(**) MGA(0): Default mode "1792x1344": 204.8 MHz, 83.7 kHz, 60.0 Hz
(**) MGA(0): Default mode "1600x1200": 175.5 MHz, 81.2 kHz, 65.0 Hz
(**) MGA(0): Default mode "1280x1024": 135.0 MHz, 80.0 kHz, 75.0 Hz
(**) MGA(0): Default mode "1024x768": 94.5 MHz, 68.7 kHz, 85.0 Hz
(II) MGA(0): Chuntex CTX 2085 Color Monitor: Using hsync range of  30.00- 85.00 
(II) MGA(0): Chuntex CTX 2085 Color Monitor: Using vrefresh range of  50.00-100.
00 Hz
(II) MGA(0): Clock range:  12.00 to 300.00 MHz