Subject: Re: Postfix
To: Tom Ivar Helbekkmo <>
From: Geoff Wing <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/10/2000 23:01:23
Tom Ivar Helbekkmo wrote about Re: Postfix: (Geoff Wing) writes:
:> building of Postfix used to be dependant upon BUILD_POSTFIX or MAKE_POSTFIX
:> or something.  Can we have a NO_POSTFIX variable (like NO_SENDMAIL) please
:> so that people who already have a mail program don't get this stuff in a
:> ``make build''.
:Why?  Do sendmail and postfix as built and installed conflict with
:anything?  I thought the /etc/mailer.conf stuff fixed all that?

OK, here's my pointform answer so you can address whatever you feel to be
pertinent (and ignore the rest of my personal preferences/rantings):
1.  I'm perfectly happy with my current MTA solution and don't want/need
    any other MTA's (or MTAs if you followed that thread :-) ) around.
2.  I presume I now could just ``rm -rf /usr/libexec/postfix'' to blow it
    all away.  Similarly I could that with sendmail though we still have
    the option of not building sendmail via NO_SENDMAIL in /etc/mk.conf
3.  I missed any heads-up in current-users telling me that I had to add
    entries in /etc/group and /etc/master.passwd (and propogate through
    my YP/NIS) for the now default build of postfix.  AFAIK, there
    wasn't a heads-up (though maybe I didn't take sufficient notice
    of it, if there was one, since I probably still believed postfix to
    be optional without modifying the source (* - comment moved below)
4.  ``make build'' fails on install.

Given 2. where I'm just going to rm -rf it all anyway, and 3. where I
don't really see the need to "pollute" my /etc/{group,master.passwd} files
I'd rather not build it.  And if there was a nice little option in
/etc/mk.conf to do this, I'd be very happy.

(*) - when I build I union mount an LFS filesystem over the source
    filesystem (which through personal preference I prefer to keep
    as an unmodified CVS checkout) though given the hiccups with LFS -
    e.g. changes to the kernel/cleaner requiring me to re-newfs it -
    I don't keep that many alterations to the trunk.  In fact, currently
    I only have three: gnu/usr.sbin/Makefile removing postfix build,
    a change to pppd.h making pppd use a different syslog facility and,
    currently, a small change to sys/netinet/if_arp.c making it print
    the IP address it couldn't allocate an llinfo for.  And whilst I
    can remake all three easily enough, I'd prefer not to have the need.

Geoff Wing : <>