Subject: New Ipfilter 3.4.9 imported
To: None <>
From: Bernd Ernesti <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/09/2000 23:16:59

I just imported ipfilter 3.4.9.


3.4.9	08/08/2000 - Released

implement new aging mechanism in fr_tcp_age()

fix icmp state checking bug

revamp buildsunos script and build both sparcv7/sparcv9 for Solaris
if on an Ultra with a 64bit system & compiler (Caseper Dik)

open ipfilter device read only if we know we can

print out better information for ICMP packets in ipmon

move checking for source spoofed packets to a point where we can generate
logs of them

return EFAULT from ircopyptr/iwcopyptr

don't do ioctl(SIOCGETFS) for auth stats

fix up freeing mbufs for post-4.3BSD

fix returning of inc from ftp proxy

fix bugs with ipfs -R/-W (Caseper Dik)

3.4.8	19/07/2000 - Released

create fake opt_inet6.h for FreeBSD-4 compile as LKM

add #ifdef's for KLD_MODULE sanity

NAT fastroute'd packets which come out of return-*

fix upper/lower case crap in ftp proxy and get seq# checking fixed up.

3.4.7	08/07/2000 - Released

make "ipf -y" lookup NAT if's which are unknown

prepend line numbers to ioctl error messages in ipf/ipnat

don't apply patches to FreeBSD twice

allow for ip_len to be on an unaligned boundary early on in fr_precheck

fix printing of icmp code when it is 0

correct printing of port numbers in map rules with from/to

don't allow fr_func to be called at securelevel > 0 or rules to be added
if securelevel > 0 if they have a non-zero fr_func.