Subject: System FREEZE
To: None <>
From: Joseph Sarkes <joe@js1.jsnet>
List: current-users
Date: 08/08/2000 08:57:51
I am still occasionally getting a system freeze. It stopped
happening a while back, and came back the last 4 or 5 days
ago I think. Has anything changed in that range of time that
could be causing this? My earlier freezes stopped when the ps
bug was fixed.

I'm running netbsd-current, generally a day or two behind the
changes. My system is an asus triton-II mb with an intel P-233
cpu. The freeze occurs during system builds, where I try to do
some other task at the same time. The system disk activity stops
and the keyboard locks up, no modem activity, etc.

The gist of this post is a question. Does netbsd support an nmi
to enter the debugger? I can wire up an nmi button, if it will
do any good, to find out where the hang is occuring. Is this a
supported method to get into the kernel debugger?

Joseph Sarkes