Subject: Re: [zebra 4686] load balancing internet links
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/07/2000 20:24:05
I've  been  thinking  about  how  to go  about  implementing  this  in
*BSD.  The strategy that  I'm leaning  towards is  to create  a pseudo
device that  acts as a front  end to the physical  devices. The pseudo
device would support ioctls to add and remove physical devices to/from
its list  of devices to  round-robin packets out  of. So you  could do
something like the following to inverse mux two ethernet interfaces:

ifconfig imux0 netmask
imuxcfg imux0 add le0 some_mac_address
imuxcfg imux0 add le1 some_mac_address
route add default

where some_mac_address is the mac  address of the ethernet card of the
machine on the other end of the wire.

This  may or  may not  be considerably  easier than  mucking  with the
actual routing  code in the  kernel... In any  case it's still  in the
fuzzy hand-wavy stage in my head ;)

Comments? Suggestions?

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