Subject: failure to reboot
To: None <>
From: Chris Jones <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/02/2000 09:44:48
I'm seeing this problem on two machines:  My i386 laptop running
-current from about a month ago, and an i386 running 1.5_ALPHA at a
remote location.

When I shutdown my laptop, it will frequently hang after printing the
message saying it's stopping inetd.  This is a hard hang; I can't
break into ddb or anything.  Mostly just annoying on the laptop.

However, on the remote machine, it's much more serious, because I
can't just hit the power switch.  I had somebody look at the console,
and it had hung after shutting down named; there were all the named
stats on the console, which you normally get when it shuts down, and
that was the last line.

So, has anybody else seen this?  Is this (I hope) a known and fixed
bug?  If not, how can I get more info on it, without being able to get
into ddb?


Chris Jones                                
           Mad scientist at large
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