Subject: Re: smc ethernet users?
To: Martin Husemann <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/01/2000 19:31:50
> > I expect that it would be fairly trivial to do if you have the hardware.
> > Unfortunately, I have neither a working EISA system nor the EISA smc
> > cards...  ;-)
> I have an EISA system (and a working 3COM 100 MBit card), but no SMC card.
> Get one to me and I'll try to do a front end. Does SMC offer docs freely for
> this old cards?

I asked for docs on the SMC91C100 FEAST and got docs in the mail for the
91C100FD (which were also available on their website
That's just the chip, though.  I didn't see anything on their website
about EISA controllers, but they do have a form submission for
information that isn't listed on their website (which is, I think, just
currently-shipping product).

BTW, I didn't realize this before, but apparent both the FEAST (what
I've been working on) and the EPIC are SMC-made 10/100 ethernet
controllers.  The EPIC is only listed as having PCI and cardbus
interfaces, though.  Andrew: can you double-check the chip on the
card(s) that you have as well as the EISA product ID?