Subject: Re: shell expansions
To: None <>
From: Wolfgang Rupprecht <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/01/2000 01:33:22 (Chet Ramey) writes:
> > But remember that this also effects command line expansion inside
> > shell scripts.  There are plenty of times you want dollar-sign
> > expansion inside a shell script but don't want what is essentially a
> > lame keyboard editing interface.  (If one wants a previous command in
> > bash one can use Ctrl-R, or Ctrl-P which is quite a bit more WYSIWYG.)
> History expansion is not enabled when the shell is not interactive.  A
> quick read of the man page would have told you that.

Perhaps I was cutting and pasting sections of my script file.  
Things weren't working well and bash's expansion of ! inside double
quotes wasn't adding to my general computer enjoyment.

But since we are talking about reading the bash man page, please let
me enter exhibit A into evidence. ;-)

       Enclosing  characters  in double quotes preserves the lit-
       eral value of all characters within the quotes,  with  the
       exception  of  $, `, and \.  The characters $ and ` retain
       their special meaning within double quotes.  The backslash
       retains  its  special meaning only when followed by one of
       the following characters: $, `, ",  \,  or  <newline>.   A
       double quote may be quoted within double quotes by preced-
       ing it with a backslash.

No where do I see mention of ! being expanded in quotes.  Since other
shells don't do this, I would think the path of least surprise is to
change bash to not do it either.

       Wolfgang Rupprecht <>
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