Subject: Re: multiplying MTAs
To: Pete Naylor <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/26/2000 19:06:37
>>>>> "Pete" == Pete Naylor <> writes:

    Pete> Mike Stone wrote...

    >> postfix was developed by Weitse Venema (as in: "bow down before
    >> the  great god  of unix  network security,  Weitse  Venema") to
    >> address  the  need   for  a  simpler,  trustworthy,  efficient,
    >> pure-SMTP MTA that's reasonably compatible with the huge number
    >> of existing sendmail installations.

Postfix  is  *not*  a  pure-SMTP   MTA.  For  example,  I  use  it  on  and   the  default  transport  in   this  case  is
UUCP -- that's  how you got this email. Postfix  is  in most cases  as
flexible as  sendmail  while at the  same time being  /much/ easier to

That being  said, I don't believe  that any MTA should  be included in
the base distribution  -- since so many people  have so many different
tases about  what MTA they want  to run on their  systems, the correct
place for such software is the pkgsrc tree IMO. I'm kind of partial to
the wrapper around mail.local for the base fileset personally.

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