Subject: Re: menuc vs libmenu
To: None <>
From: Phil Nelson <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/24/2000 18:49:48
>Correct. There was no sign about libmenu when Phil was working on sysinst.

Actually, I initially started sysinst using libmenu with ncurses.
I quickly fount that it was a real PITA to write the code to create
the libmenu menus.  I had done a menuc like system before and knew
I found it much easier to provide all those specifications in a
little language.  menuc was much simpler that the previous version
I did just because sysinst didn't need much complexity.  

There was one version of menuc that took a flag and generated 
libmenu based code.  (It wouldn't take much of a change to do that
even now.)  One reason that it didn't survive to this day was 
because libmenu required ncurses, which we didn't want to use with

Just out of interest sake, do you see the design of menuc so flawed
that "nothing could make it better" or could some added features
and rework make menuc acceptable?   

One reason there was no man page was that I wanted to get sysinst
working first before writing the man page ... and never got to the
man page.  I will change that if it looks like menuc will survive.

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