Subject: Re: Make obj/build problems
To: Alexander Nazarenko <>
From: Bill Sommerfeld <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/24/2000 00:13:15
> I  build on 1.4.2/i386 release,  and try to build current...
> What's about share/mk, do i need to copy /usr/src/share/mk to
> /usr/share/mk? And what's next to do? I wanted to rebuild only ftpd with
> patches, but when i try cd /usr/src/libexec/ftpd; make i had some errors,
> it was 1.4.2-release sources on 1.4.2-release, so now i decided to rebuild
> all system to current.

if what you really want is a patched ftpd on 1.4.2, it would likely be
a more profitable use of everyone's time if you went back to fix the
problems with the 1.4.2 build.

					- Bill