Subject: -current support for xircom PCMCIA cards?
To: None <,>
From: gabriel rosenkoetter <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/23/2000 09:29:01
I have a laptop (an IBM Thinkpad 760ED) in which there can be either
a floppy drive or a CD-ROM drive and which is incapable of booting
from CD-ROM (stupidity in the BIOS). Thus, I'd like to boot from a
floppy and be able to perform an ftp install... but I can't do that
unless the boot floppy configures the PCMCIA ethernet card I have
available, which even the 1.5_ALPHA snapshot's floppy doesn't seem
able to, which is pretty silly considering how old this card is. I
also have *no* other i386 machines available to build a boot floppy
with the proper PCMCIA support (presuming it exists), so if someone'd
be willing to help out, that'd be great.

The card is detected like this:

pcic0 at isa0 port 0x3e0-0x3e1 iomem 0xd0000 - 0xd3fff
pcic0: controller 0 (Intel 82365SL Revision 1) has sockets A and B
pcic0: controller 1 (Intel 82365SL Revision 1) has no sockets
pcmcia0 at pcic0 controller 0 socket 0
pcmcia1 at pcic0 controller 0 socket 1
isapnp0: no ISA Plug 'n Play devices found
biomask ffed netmask ffed ttymask ffef
pcic0 controller 0 detecting irqs with mask 0xde18:..3..9..10
pcic0 using irq 4 for socket events
md0: internal 2048K image area
Xircom, CreditCard 10Base-T, CE-10BC, 2.0/0008012302-011494 (manufacturer 0x0105, product 0x0108) function 0 not configured

I think my next step will be to disklabel and newfs wd0 from the boot
floppy, copy the install kernel there (erm, how? Ah, we have some
useful tools on the boot floppy... could dd the floppy image onto
wd0 too, I guess), boot off of it with the CD-ROM in the bay, and hope.
I'd still like to get that PCMCIA card to work, though...

Any suggestions and help will be much appreciated...

       ~ g r @