Subject: Re: 1.5Alpha pppd problems
To: None <>
From: Brian Stark <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/18/2000 10:35:50
On Wed, 19 Jul 2000 wrote:

> >> Why noauth?  I'm need authentication because I run pppd directly from
> >> getty.  Could this be the problem?  How does the 1.5Alpha
> >You want the client to authentify itself to the server, but not the server
> >to the client, rigth ?
> 	it looks to me that the default setting for pppd is changed somewhere
> 	in pppd master distribution development, and old configuration without
> 	explicit "noauth" chokes.  the easiest way to update configuration
> 	file is to put "noauth" in /etc/ppp/options.  maybe we should document
> 	the change somewhere, and/or put sample /etc/ppp/* somewhere.

The master distribution was changed so that authentication of the peer
is required. If you don't want this, or need this increased level of 
security, then the 'noauth' keyword is required. 

This seems to be a common configuration issue for users of pppd-2.3.5
and below who are upgrading to post pppd-2.3.6 versions. 

If you take a look at the README file for pppd you will see that this
change occured in version 2.3.6. For those with the source code on their
systems, take a look at the file:


and read the section 'What was new in ppp-2.3.6'.



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