Subject: Re: PCI_PRODUCT_INTEL_82559ER undefined
To: Erik Bertelsen <>
From: Erik Bertelsen <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/17/2000 21:06:02
On Mon, Jul 17, 2000 at 08:38:22AM +0200, Erik Bertelsen wrote:
> >From a kernel build based on yesterday*s sup:
> cc  -O2 -Werror -Wall -Wmissing-prototypes -Wstrict-prototypes  -Wpointer-arith -Wno-uninitialized -Wno-main -I. -I../../../../arch -I../../../.. -nostdinc -DDIAGNOSTIC -DMAXUSERS=32 -D_KERNEL -Di386  -c ../../../../dev/pci/if_fxp_pci.c
> ../../../../dev/pci/if_fxp_pci.c:122: `PCI_PRODUCT_INTEL_82559ER' undeclared here (not in a function)
> ../../../../dev/pci/if_fxp_pci.c:122: initializer element for `fxp_pci_products[1].fpp_prodid' is not constant
> - Erik

forget it -- it seems to be corrected in today's sup.

- Erik