Subject: Kerberos IV vs. Kerberos V
To: None <>
From: Patrick Hartling <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/11/2000 11:16:15
I recently rebuilt by -current system after about a month of holding off
because of the crypto reorganization and the 1.5 branching.  In updating
my system configuration for building, I found that the old mechanism for
deciding which version of Kerberos to build is no longer available.  I'm
in an environment where we still need to use Kerberos IV for utilities
such as encrypted telnet, Zephyr, AFS, etc.  I have an /etc/krb5.conf that
has some Kerberos IV bits in it, but I am unable to get my K5 tickets
converted to the Kerberos IV tickets that I need.  Are there any plans to
bring in something similar to the old ${KERBEROS} variable in /etc/mk.conf
that used to decide which version of Kerberos gets built?  I'd rather just
stick with Kerberos IV rather than trying to use Kerberos V with
compatability stuff enabled.  Thanks.


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